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2 Months Of Free Management With No Upfront Fees

At Central Coast Property Management, we utilize proven systems to manage the entire process and to ensure the best level of service in all facets of managing your property. We understand that property owners and investors, not only want a property management company that can save them time and headaches, but one that can save them money.

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Here’s How CCPM Saves You Money:

1. NO UPFRONT FEES. Many property management companies will charge an upfront set up fee to cover initial start up and marketing costs. At CCPM, we waive the initial start up costs - no fees for account set up, onboarding, or paperwork. These fees can be up to $1,000 but we believe it is our job to prepare everything we can to market your home and attract quality tenants.

2. NO MANAGEMENT FEES FOR TWO MONTHS. Together with our no upfront fee promotion, our clients pay nothing out of pocket – there is absolutely no risk to get started and you have zero management fees for the first two months the property is leased. Not until the 3rd month after we find a reliable tenant for your property, will there be management fees. 

3. NO LEASE RENEWAL FEES. Next to the monthly management fee, the biggest expense for property management comes in the form of “lease up fees.” Other property management companies will charge fees from $200-$500 any time a new tenant rents the property or renews their contract. Over the course of several years, property owners can expect to have multiple tenants. That leasing fee can add up fast, ultimately costing thousands of dollars. At CCPM - you will NEVER pay a renewal fee!


4. NO MAINTENCE MARK UPS. When property managers hire a third-party maintenance service to handle repairs and maintenance, they typically charge a markup fee, usually around 2-10% of the total cost of the repair for overseeing the services. At CCPM, there are no additional fees for coordinating repairs on your property. We pass on the exact charge given to us from the vendor - with no added fees! 

5. WE GUARANTEE OUR TENANTS  – If a tenant breaks their lease or is evicted, CCPM will replace that tenant at no cost!! We know that not every tenant will stay their entire contract or may breach a few rules along the way - its part of the rental cycle, but property owners should not have to pay for every new tenants. CCPM will not charge additional fees to fill the vacant unit with new tenants. 

Before you sign with any other firm, give us a call to discuss your individual needs. We know that you will see Central Coast Property Management is the number one choice for residential property management in the Central Coast. Our service areas include Santa Barbara to Paso Robles!


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